“In Chiaramonte Gulfi, olive oil from the mill is produced of exceptional goodness: golden yellow, like a path of green shivers; tasty, pulpy, with almost no acidity. I consider it the best on the island."

50 years ago, Luigi Veronelli, a journalist and well-known gastronome, described the extra virgin olive oil produced in Chiaramonte Gulfi as stated above. In fact, the particular pedoclimatic conditions and cultivation methods, linked to a long tradition, make Chiaramonte, and in particular the Gulfi area, the ideal location for olive cultivation.

The EVO oil, which is produced here, has very valuable chemical-organoleptic characteristics. In fact, it is a natural antioxidant, particularly rich in polyphenols, with very low peroxides and a very low level of acidity. It is produced from the mono-varietal cultivation of the Tonda Iblea, a typical cultivar of this area. The marked typicality of the product and its exceptional quality have earned its recognition by the European Community of DOP with the "Monti Iblei, sub-area Gulfi" brand. For more than a decade now, Chiaramonte oil has received prestigious awards and prizes, both in Italy and abroad, so much so that it has become one of the best ever.