This year, for the first time, A Beddu Cori Extra Virgin Olive Oil is available to the public. Previously, the pleasure of tasting it had only been reserved for family and friends, but now the time has come to make it known and appreciated by everyone.

To begin, we wanted to focus on a single format, the 0.50 l glass bottle, which is a comfortable size, is designed with an elegant line and lends itself well to being displayed on our tables. However, let's not forget that the real protagonist is the unmistakable taste of this oil, which is fruity and rich in unique aromas.


A Beddu Cori Extra Virgin Olive Oil is obtained exclusively from olives of the Tonda Iblea cultivar, an endemic variety found in the Iblean territory. The farm's olive groves extend into the hills, about 400m above sea level, into the territory of Villaggio Gulfi, a town in the municipality of Chiaramonte, located south of the Iblei Mountains. It is precisely from this area, with its strong quality and typical olive-growing vocation, that this highly prized D.O.P. oil is produced. D.O.P. translates to Protected Designation of Origin and the "Monti Iblei, sub-area Gulfi" brand is one that A Beddu Cori aspires to acquire soon.

The olive harvest takes place every year in October via manual stripping. Subsequently, the olives are brought to the mill and soon after they are subjected to pressing, through a continuous cold cycle extraction system.

The oil produced has a veiled green color with golden reflections, due to its natural decantation. It smells of aromatic herbs, green tomato and artichoke.

It has a fruity flavor with bitter and spicy notes, which harmoniously balance each other.

It goes well with both meat and grilled fish dishes and is ideal in soups and salads. It is also excellent for seasoning bruschetta and grilled vegetables.

It is suitable raw, both for dressing cold and hot dishes, and for being used at high temperatures in medium and slow cooking.